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Last updated 30.12.2008

Manufacturers Enclosures

Here you can find manufacturers of enclosures, command panels, control panels, frontpanels, etc.

ELDON Mild steel, stainless steel, wall & floor, polyester, consoles, terminal boxes, EMC shielded, racks, etc.


HAGER Mounting boards, distribution systems, panelboards

HAMMOND Product Group Commercial & Industrial enclosures, 3R & corrosion resistant enclosures, climate control enclosures

LEGRAND Wall and floor enclosures

MUPA Customised enclosures

RITTAL international Compact enclosures, small enclosures, enclosures systems, human/machine, stainless steel, EX and EMC, modular enclosure technology, electronic packaging, climat control, power distribution, ITC, ...

ROLEC Enclosures, panels (aluminium, polyerstor, EMC, hazard ex,...

ROSE-BOPLA Controlpanels, EX enclosures, stainless steel, instrumentation, suspension arms, cabinets,keyboard and sloped housings,...

SAREL Enclosures and panels for eletricity and electronics

SCHNEIDER Merlin-Gerin Floor standing enclosures, distribution enclosures, sockets, panels for eletricity and electronics,...

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