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Electric Motor Manufacturers

ABB Low and high voltage induction motors, synchronous motors, servosystems, DC-motors

Advanced Motion Controls Servodrives

AEGSynchronous and asynchronous motors, DC motors, starters, converters, drives,...

ARC systems Induction motors, brushless DC motors, AC servomotors, stepper motors, hysteresis motors

Arkansis General Industries Small AC, DC and EC (electronic commutated) motors

Baldor AC motors and controls, DC-motors and controls, gear products, motion control, servomotors and controls, stepper motors, lineair products

Bartex Motors for hazardous areas

Bauwer Geared motors

Beckhoff Servomotors, servodrives, stepper motors, lineair motors

Berger Lahr (Schneider Electric) Stepper motors, brushless DC-motors, synchronous motors, servomotors,

Bodine Electric Company gearmotors, AC, DC, Brushless, Torqmotor, motion control

Bonfiglioli single phase motors, threephase motors, universal motors, gearmotors

Brook Crompton 1 and 3 phase motors, hazardous area motors, DC motors

Caron-Vector (SEW Eurodrive asynchronous motors, geared motors, brakemotors,servosystems,...

Control Technics (Emerson Industrial Automation) Servomotors, servodrives, AC-drives

Copley Controls Corporation: drives, controllers and amplifiers

Creusen Motor Technology: AC, DC (permanent magnet, shunt, serial or compound wound) and synchronous servo motors

Danaher Motion Servomotors, servo-amplifiers, stepper motor drives, inverters, lineair motors

Danfoss Drives and Softstarters DP Motors: stepper motors, brushless motors, DC-motors, drives

Dunkermotoren: brushless DC motors, AC-motors, gearboxes, linear systems, brakes, ...

Dutchi Motors 1 and 3 phase motors, high voltage motors

ELAU (Schneider Group) Conventional servodrives/motors, integrated drives/motors

Electramo 1 phase and 3 phase asynchronous motors, 2-speed, Ex & ATEX

Electrocraft AC and DC servosystems,C-frame, brushless DC motors, linear actuators, steppermotors, gearmotors

Elmo Motion Control Servo motors, drives, multi-axis

Emerson Motor technologies: Appliance Motors, DC-motors, Fractional Horsepower Motors, Integral Horsepower & Larger Motors

Elmo Servomotors and drives

ESCO Drives and Automation

Exlar Linear actuators, rotary actuators: brushless motors, geared servomotors, explosion proof motors

Faulhaber Brushless motors, DC-motors, gearmotors, stepper motors, micormotors, piezomotor, linear systems, encoders...

Focquet (European Electric Company; 2EC) Asynchronous motors (Cage and Slipring), DC-motors, gearmotors, brakemotor, single phase motor

Gefeg_Neckar Small motors: DC-motors, universal motors, trhee-phase and AC motors, gears

Glentek Servomotors and servodrives

G&L Controls Machine and motor controls, servosystems,...

Hansen Motor Stepper motors, AC / PM synchronous motors,DC-motors, DC Permanent Magnet motors

Haydon Stepper motors and drives

Helmke Low and high voltage motors, DC-motors, inverters

Heytec Gearmotors

Hitachi Tree Phase Motors, PM Synchronous Motors, Servo drives, frequenty inverters, gearmotor

HIWIN Linear systems

IMS (Schneider Electric Motion USA) stepper motors

Jetter servomotors and drives

JVL Integrated servo motors and stepper motors

Kaiser motoren Asynchronous motors, geared motors, reluctance motors, torquemotors

KEB AC motors, servomotors, gears

Kinetics industries Synchronous motors, generators

Leroy-Somer (Emerson Industrial Automation) Asynchronous motors, DC motors, geared motors, brakemotors,...

Lenze Servo motors, 3 phase AC motors, DC-motors

Lin Engineering Step motors, drives, integrated motors, BLDC-motor, gearmotors,...

Lynx motion technology Servomotors, SEMA-motor (pancake motor)

Maxon Brushed DC-motors, Brushless DC-motors, gearheads,...

Mavilor AC-servomotors, DC-servomotors, drives, brakes,...

Mc Lennan Brushless motors, stepper motors, AC synchronous, DC servo motors, encoders,...

Mez DC motors, AC servomotors, asynchronous motors

Mitsubishi electric Servo systems, inverters

Moog Brush motors, PM DC servomotor, steppermotors, Brushless DC-motors, torque motors, gearmotors,...

Motion Control DC motors, servo motor, drives

Nord Drive Systems Geared motors, 1 and 3 phase motors, servosystems

OLI Vibration motors

OMRON - Motion controllers, servosystems, drives

Ormec Servodrives, AC brushless servomotors,...

Orientalmotor Small AC motors and gearheads, stepper motors, servosystems with DC and AC motors, brushless DC

Parker Servo motors, stepper drives, servodrives, direct drives, linear systems, spindle motors, torquemotors

Parsons Peebles Induction motors, synchronous motors, generators

Parvex Brushless servo motors, torque motors, ATEX servo motors, spindle motors, DC servomotors and drives

Perske Special motors, high speed,...

PML Wheelmotors, integrated servomotors, Brushless dc servo , DC-motors, little gearmotors

Remco Small 1 phase AC motors

Rexroth (Bosch) Electric drives and controls, linear motion technology, synchronous and asynchronous servomotors, torquemotors, gearboxes

Saia motor Small synchronous motors, stepper motors

Sem AC brushless servomotors, asynchronous spindle motors

SEW Eurodrive asynchronous motors, geared motors, brakemotors,servosystems,...

Siemens AC motors, drives, servomotors

TECO Westinghouse 1 phase and 3 phase motors, low en medium voltagemotors, inductionmotors, synchronous motors, DC-motors, wind turine generators

Telco Brushed motors, brushlessmotors, small AC motors, stepper motors, servomotors,...

TT-electric DC and AC motors

VEM Low voltage and high voltage motors, roller table motors, slip ring motors, brakemotors, explosion protected, generators,...

WEG Low and high voltage motors, drives, softstarters

Würges Vibrationmotors

Yaskawa Electric Corporation Servomotors, linear motors, robotics,...

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